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Our mission is to advance the capacity of our people and tribes for the benefit of the region.

Kawerak's organizational goal is to assist Alaska Native people and their governing bodies to take control of their future. With programs ranging from education to transportation, and natural resource management to economic development.
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Winter 2017 Newsletter Released

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Executive Order

President Obama issued an Executive Order to safeguard the Bering Sea and establish the Northern Bering Sea Climate Resilience Area. The Order is monumental to the Bering Strait and the Arctic, as the protection of the Bering Sea and its resources is essential to the survival of the people of the Arctic. The Tribes in Alaska were the first natural resource managers, the first participants in arctic commerce, and the first enviromenmentalists. For us, a healthy ecosystem is a matter of food security, and it also allows us to maintain our unique cultural identity and rich heritage. This Executive Order will protect the vital subsistence economies that have lasted for millennia.

Map of the Northern Bering Sea Climate Resilience Area


Quyanaqpaq to our 2016 Pick Click Give donors to Kawerak! Almost $1500 more was donated in 2016 to help support the Grand Opening of the first Alaska Native Cultural Center for the Bering Strait Regon, for a total of $2,735.00 raised. We are so grateful for our donors. Thank you for sharing the love!!!