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Kawerak’s Community Education Program (CEP) provides basic educational opportunities in Adult Education (ABE), General Educational Development (GED), and English as a Second Language (ESL). Services include remediation in reading, writing, and math skills, instruction and counseling for participants preparing for the GED, and English as a Second Language to the immigrant population. CEP encourages literacy, remedial education, continuing education, and development of future job training skills to help prepare and qualify learners for meaningful employment opportunities and self-sufficiency. .


CEP services are available to all residents of the Bering Strait Region. Tribal affiliation is not a requirement.

Application Procedure

Bering Strait residents in outlying villages can contact the Nome office at 1-800-478-7574 and staff will send out to village learners the required paperwork for enrollment. Nome residents can call 443-4467/4470 for an appointment to apply. Learners are required to complete the EET intake and application process with CEP staff.

Educational Assessment and Academic Plans

All GED, ABE and ESL learners will be administered testing to establish academic levels. The Test Adult Basic Education (TABE) test is administered to assess GED /ABE learners academic skills in reading and math. Additional testing may be given if deem necessary by the instructor/tutor. CEP staff will develop an Individual Academic Plan (IAP) outlining the objectives one must complete to accomplish academic goals. The academic plan will be reviewed on a regular basis to monitor progress and assist the learner with the attainment of their educational goals.

GED Computer-Based Testing

The GED Test is a computerized test and requires the test taker to have basic computer and keyboarding skills. There are four tests in the content areas of Reading Language Arts, Social Studies, Math and Science. The Practice GED Ready Tests can be taken at for a fee, or as a learner participant in the CEP, with a voucher. Prior to logging on to take the Practice Test, learner participants will need to have an email account. has a link to several popular email sites to set up an email account. Once a learner participant has taken a practice test, the website will give the learner participant their score on the test and automatic feedback on the areas that need to be studied/practice, which the learner can print out. The print out will correspond to lessons from the New GED Strategies, Practice and Review (Big Blue Book) that the CEP uses. This is a new and exciting tool for our learners. Once a learner has scored above 150 on the practice test, the learner participant is eligible to take the Official GED test. Official GED tests are only administered at a qualified Pearson Vue Testing Center. The Pearson Vue Testing site in our region is located at Northwest Campus in Nome. The GED learner will schedule the official GED Test in coordination with the CEP staff. The CEP staff must coordinate the official test date and time with the test center in Nome. Once a time has been approved, NWC will open their “test schedule” up on the website. CEP will issue a “test voucher” for each of the four content areas of the Official Test. A score of 145 points is passing. When a learner successfully passes all four tests, they receive a diploma from Juneau’s Director of Adult Educations Office and are eligible to participate in the Northwest Campus Graduation Ceremony.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

ESL instruction is available only in the Nome Learning center. Foreign students who wish to improve their English speaking skills may enroll in ESL classes. Students are scheduled for individual as well as group classes.

Learners Responsibilities

Learners are responsible for completing all practice materials sent to them. Learners are responsible for their own progress. CEP will record all contacts of phone calls and mailings. Learner’s attendance is monitored and documented. Learners are required to sign in and out of the CEP. Distance learner participants are responsible for calling CEP once a month and reporting how many hours they spent studying,

ABE Advisory Council

The ABE Advisory Council consists of members of the population served and provides assistance through recommendations for incorporation to enhance service delivery. The Council meets at the call of the program Director.

Hours of Operation

CEP is open 4 days a week, Monday to Thursday, from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. CEP & Nome Learning Center are located at Northwest Campus, directly behind Aurora Inn.