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"To strengthen and diversify the regional economy through training and technical assistance in community planning and business development."

Kawerak's Community Planning and Development program provides training and technical assistance to Bering Strait communities in small business start-up and expansion, as well as economic development planning and project implementation. This includes developing a community’s capacity to plan, secure funding for, and implement local projects by assisting tribal governments in developing grant proposals and providing grant writing training.

The Community Planning and Development Program promotes sustainable communities by developing their capacity to plan, fund and implement locally identified priority projects. The Program provides funding information and technical assistance on proposals to all communities.

Business Planning Specialist

Provides technical assistance for individuals and tribes looking to start a business, expand a business or assess current operations in the areas of business plan creation, financial projections, available financing, and credit training.

The Business Planning Specialist will work with you on creating a high-impact business plan, locating start-up capital, clearing up your credit, or cash flow projections just to name a few. If you would like to receive assistance, you must complete a Client Questionnaire and submit to the Business Planning Specialist.

Financial Counseling Program
If your poor credit history is preventing you from obtaining the funds you need to start your business, our Business Planning Specialist can work with you one-on-one to analyze your credit and clear it up. To begin the process, you must complete a Credit Check Consent form and submit it to our Business Planning Specialist. Our Business Planning Specialist can also work with you on personal budgeting to help you get your expenses under control by suggesting easy cost cutting solutions.

Tuition Assistance Program
If you have been considering starting a business, but need additional expertise in areas of your business, then you may want to take advantage of our Tuition Assistance Program. For instance, you are not sure how you will handle bookkeeping for your business and have always wanted to learn how to use Quickbooks record keeping software. Our Tuition Assistance Program will pay the cost of tuition and books for you to attend the class. This program reimburses individuals for tuition for one business related course. Click on the TAP Guidelines and TAP Application to get started.

Planning & Development Specialist

Assists Tribes in developing "Local Economic Development Plans". These plans include prioritized community and business development projects as well as strategies for implementation.

Local Economic Development Plans
2013 Bering Strait Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy
Regional LEDP Priorities
Brevig Council Diomede Elim Gambell Golovin
King Island Koyuk Mary's Igloo Nome Savoonga Shaktoolik
Shishmaref Solomon St. Michael Stebbins Teller Unalakleet
Wales White Mountain

E-Commerce Specialist

Rural business plays a vital role in the economic well being of Alaska. The opportunities and technologies exist today to bring Alaska Native art and other manufactured products to the global marketplace. The E-Commerce center goals are to connect Alaska artisans and manufactures to the global marketplace, to provide the facilities and tools necessary to do business online, to provide technical and business training and assistance, and to establish a network of people to grow economic opportunity.

Staff assistance provided by the E-Commerce center includes; Basic Computer Skills, Digital Photography, Artists Biographies, Portfolio Development and Internet Marketing.

Regional Grants Specialist

Provides technical support & training for Regional Grant writer assistance program & village grant writers.

Energy Planning Specialist

Provides regional energy planning and technical assistance to tribes in seeking funding & developing energy projects.


Economic Development Specialist

Provides coordination and facilitation of the development of the Economic Development Assessment Team (EDAT) priorities and goals of:

  • Increased Native Tourism
  • Walrus Ivory Ban Opposition
  • Arctic Shipping
  • Marine Transportation
  • Community Resilience

EDAT projects are a partnership with the Economic Development Administration, State of Alaska, Federal agencies, tribes, ANCSA Corporations, municipalities and economic development organizations.


Environmental Coordinator

The Kawerak Backhaul Program provides technical assistance to tribal environmental programs, such as those funded by the Environmental Protection Agency Indian General Assistance Program (EPA IGAP). Our program hosts environmental trainings and conferences, assists villages with IGAP grant writing, accepts universal waste all year long (such as electronic waste, fluorescent bulbs, and lead-acid batteries), and assists with general backhauling logistics. Through our program we help our region, on average, recycle approximately 75,000lbs. of material each year thereby keeping it out of unlined landfills and our environment.

Brownfields Program - Tribal Response Program

The Tribal Response Program, also known as the Brownfields Program, is designed to help the region's tribes and other stakeholders within villages work together to prevent, assess, clean-up and reuse brownfields.

WHAT IS A BROWNFIELD? A brownfield is a property with potential presence of contamination that is limiting the use of the site and creating a hazard to health and safety. Examples include, hazardous waste storage areas, previous fuel spills, abandoned and dilapidated buildings, abandoned bulk fuel tanks, drum dumps, generator buildings, former military sites, mining sites, and more. Many of these sites are documented in the State of Alaska Contaminated Sites Database, however, there may be sites that are not yet documented. This program will help communities create an inventory of brownfields, assess levels and types of contamination, and create plans for clean-up and reuse of the site as an asset to the community instead of a nuisance.

If you would like to see the local Brownfields Public Record for the Kawerak service region, the Bering Strait, please visit

If you are interested in getting involved with this program, please contact the Tribal Response Program Coordinator at: or 907-443-4259.