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The Kawerak Direct Employment (DE) Program provides a one-time grant to eligible tribal members who reside in the Bering Strait-Norton Sound region. Direct Employment grants assist tribal members with employment related needs and start-up living expenses in order to retain full-time employment.

Eligibility Criteria
  • Must be Alaska Native or American Indian and a member of a federally recognized tribe.
  • Must reside in the Bering Strait-Norton Sound region (minimum of one [1] year).
  • Gambell and Nome Eskimo Community tribal members must apply to their local IRA Council.
  • Must have a regular full-time job, 3 months or longer @ 40 hours a week.
  • Have not received Direct Employment Assistance before.
  • Must show financial need.
  • Must apply for assistance before the 1st paycheck is received.
Application Procedures
  1. Verification of tribal Enrollment (see your local IRA)
  2. Copy of your state birth certificate.
  3. Letter of Intent/Request, stating why financial assistance is needed and the amount of your need. (Outline your needs and specific amounts)
  4. Employment Verification
  5. Landlord Verification
*Additional required documents, if family members are included in your request
  1. Copy of marriage certificate
  2. Copy of your dependent(s) birth certificate(s)
  3. Verification of tribal membership-for spouse and dependents.