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Kawerak's Eskimo Heritage Program (EHP) was created in 1981 to record and preserve cultural information related to the Region's culture and history, and makes them available for research and educational purposes.

Presently, EHP is in the process of digitizing the collection for accessibility on computer, CD players and DVD players. EHP does its best to keep the collection up-to-date, so the public can view it on present day equipment. A Patron Application must be completed to access the collection.

EHP provided the content on the Cultural Archive page. The Eskimo Heritage Program is the only Kawerak program that is directly overseen by the Kawerak Elders Advisory Committee (KEAC) and the Kawerak Board of Directors. There are 9 KEAC members who represent the different geographic areas in our region. The KEAC meet quarterly, usually in March, June, September and December. The EHP collection includes 1,200 audiotapes, 300 videotapes, 7,000 slides, 3,500 photographs and a small library. EHP is always open to adding to the collection.

If you have personal photographs or recordings that you would like to have available for generations to come, please contact us. We will assist in duplicating or in recording your collection onto CD or DVD. If your school or community is conducting any research and documentation of Elders, please contact EHP for collaboration.

We can provide as much assistance as we can via staff and/or equipment.If you would like to volunteer within our program, we have many opportunities for community service and involvement in EHP.