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The purpose of the Kawerak Reindeer Herders Association is to provide assistance to its twenty-one members in the development of a viable reindeer industry, to enhance the economic base for rural Alaska and to improve the management of the herds.

RHA provides assistance to its members who are reindeer herd owners and managers. The program offers administrative, logistical, advocacy and field support toward the development of a self-sustaining reindeer industry.


2017 Reindeer Youth Summit!! Register Today!

This event , June 17-20, 2017, will promote food security to Alaska.  Elders from the Seward Peninsula will meet with youth from around the State and share recipes, techniques, and stories of how to prepare, utilize, and eat reindeer and related local food. Our goal is to bring Elders and youth from the Bering Straits region, students from the High Latitude Range Management Program and the 4H: Reindeer Herders of Alaska club together to share stories, food, tackle the issues of climate adaptation and reindeer-related experiences.

If  you know anyone (ages 10 - Elder) that you would like to participate in this event, there is limited space,  please contact the Midnite Sun Reindeer Ranch at 907-443-3511 or email

Download the Enrollment and Information Packet.

We would like to invite you to participate by volunteering in some capacity that you can offer or by sharing how your occupation relates to reindeer or just come enjoy the camp.  If you could prepare an activity or presentation from anywhere in 30 minutes to 2 hours aimed at an audience 10 – 15 years of age this would be helpful. If you need any materials or assistance, if you accept this request, please let us know. Contact us to schedule how you would like to be part of this event. 

Guest Letter of Invitation