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Youth Education & Employment Training Opportunities are provided throughout the year and designed to offer youth between the ages of 14 – 21 years of age valuable employability skills and work experience.

Youth will learn about what is important to employers in the workplace:

Listening, Problem Solving, Applying what is Learned, Working with Others, Reading, Writing, Speaking

Work Attitudes:

Responsibility/Self-Discipline, Willingness to Learn/Pride in Doing a Good Job, Positive Outlook, Follows Rules, Good Team Leader, Respects Others

Work Values/Ethics:

Honesty and Integrity, Accepts Advice, Supervision, Criticism, Dependability/Follows Through, Good Attendance/On-Time, Good Manners

Summer Youth Employment Program

The SYP program provides part-time summer employment to youth 14-21 years of age, during the months of June, July & August. Work sites are voluntary and may last 6 to 8 weeks.